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Hi, my name is Ian from Respect my Ride,

As an owner of two motor bikes, I love to tour Australia when I get the opportunity but for most of the year I ride when I can but like most people work always comes first.

Being originally from Scotland I have often thought about shipping my bike to Europe and touring but due to the price of shipping and the time it takes I have not explored this option anymore.

This got me thinking, what if there is someone with the same love and respect for motorbikes as me in the location I want to tour, willing to hire or lend me a similar bike as I own?

 This could be on a daily rental agreement or could be a bike swap for same duration if they come to Australia.

The main thing this site provides is that connection of like-minded people who respect bikes and want to tour other countries on the same or similar bike they own, I am just the middleman.

All members of this web site will be able to reach out to other members to talk about using their bikes, then come up with terms to hire or swap, up to both parties to agree.

You are not obligated to, if you feel they do not have the right experience for your bike it is entirely up to you.

Once agreement has been made and deposit left on Respect my ride site, it is a case of meeting up to pick up the bike.

When picking up the bike and sign off that both parties are happy, then the deposit will be paid in full to the owner, what ever other terms you agreed on up to you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Choose a destination you want to tour and a bike that suits your needs check date’s are available and send to owner to communicate your suitable to hire.

The cost is the agreement between both parties and deposit to be paid to Respect my Ride until Bike is taken for the rental.

This is up to you and the person renting your bike, as long as you cover all your expenses. Might have an agreement to use the same or similar bike as theirs. This is up to both the renter and rider might do a good price if they rent to you.

It is the responsibility of both parties to do their own research on potential renters or people renting bikes. Ask questions if in doubt. Respect my ride will filter out any suspected fraudulent members. But in this day and age it is hard to police, we will try our best and all suspected fraudster should reported .

This is to safe guard both! If bike is not available on pick-up or not road worthy then deposit is refunded. If customer fails to turn up on agreed date or cancels last minute then deposit goes to bike rental owner for there inconvenience.

Yes if the owner feels you do not have the experience to ride the bike, this is the concept behind this, Respect your ride and respect owners discretion on who rides there bikes. If you have a similar sized bike on the site renting then should be straight forward, but please respect the decision.

When travelling, insurance is a must, have good comprehensive travel insurance, and the bike  your hiring make sure you know what excess you will have to pay if you do have a accident. Have contact detail road side assist and owners mobile.

Every country has different risks this will be up to the individual talking to the owner about the routes they will take and the bikes location when left overnight. Suggest chains, trackers or a good alarm. As most bikes do have limited storage all personal belongings should be kept close.

Bike should be returned as given. Up to the owner to clean bike to inspect if rider has not been able to clean on return( I would personally prefer this to having it done in a rush) fuel toped up to agreement on rental.

While bike is rented all tolls parking fines and traffic fines will be the riders obligation to pay, the owners responsible to inform rider of rules and regulations to limit the chance of this but also to forward the evidence to rider( this could be after client has returned home as fines take time to come through post).

Ask to see last service history, B,O,L,T,S check the Brakes Oil levels all the Lights work the Tyres are good and correct pressure and the Suspension travels well and no leaks.

Every country has different rules, insure you communicate your travel plans and ask owner if the route could cause any conflicts. Europe is a prime example can ride across a few countries in one day. Respect my ride and the countries we ride in.

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