Owner sign off: 

  • Has some form of security been left (passport)?
  • Has the rider a current license for bike and country?
  • Does the rider acknowledge insurance excess if accident happens?
  • Does the rider know road rules potential hazards in country (example kangaroos around dusk and dawn).
  • That the rider will be responsible for parking or traffic infringements while riding.

Riders sign off:

  • Is the bike in road worthy condition?
  • Have I left some form of security?
  • Is the bike and myself insured and covered for bike?
  • Do I understand that if have an accident that I will pay excess?
  • Do I understand road rules and conditions?

Example: what I would offer for my Goldwing22 or Ducati 2016!

  • I will offer a reasonable daily rate with discount if goes over a set time.
  • Free transfer from hotel or Airport.
  • Night accommodation at the start and end of your Tour.

This is what I would do for someone coming over from anywhere in the world to see everything my side of the world has to offer in saying that you would need a couple of years to see it all.

Members obligations:

  • Too be honest and respectful to fellow members and their bikes.
  • Must own the bike to be a member and be willing to share.

Respect my Ride obligations:

  • If agreement not fulfilled Respect my ride will return deposit pending investigation.
  • If rider fails to make it to pick up bike or cancels deposit will be paid to owner, unless disputed by rider then will be investigated.
  • If member is fraudulent in anyway, they will be removed from the site.
  • Ensure feedback and profiles for users are accurate and honest.


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