Why come and tour Western Australia?

16 Nov 2022

You will start in the middle of the state and gives you a simple choice, North South or East. Weather good all year round up north low 19 in the winter high 47 summer.

When touring my state, i try to plan stops, destinations, and must-see views, but it is hard to stick to a plan when there is so much on offer, so i have come to a conclusion that no plan is the best plan.
Head north to Coral Bay, which is 11 hours from Perth. With beautiful beaches and wonderful sunsets, hug the coast with plenty of stops and accommodations on your way to a beautiful location. Stop by Jurien Bay and take a flight at the Western Australian Sky Dive Centre, or stay in Geraldton, a beautiful coastal town, that offers fishing, scuba diving, and all other water activities.

Head South to Margaret River which hosts great riding roads dozens of towns to explore and accommodations from glamping to luxurious breath taken rooms. Only 5 hours from Perth
Head East and visit the outback and remote locations like Kalgoorlie and experience one of the oldest mining towns in Western Australia. Only 7 hours from Perth

When touring WA do not have to rush, all small town you pass tend to have rooms available and you will be made welcome plus you get to meet some wonderful characters.
I travel light but have the benefit of having plenty of storage on my bike, plus sat nav lets me know fuel stops and points of interest on route.

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